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World's Toughest Prisons

DUKE's taking to you the world’s most notorious and extraordinary prisons around the world.

Find out what it really means to be part of this very special world and discover the lifestyle, which few will ever experience but which is a brutal everyday reality for many.

Viewers will be immersed into daily prison life. experiencing first-hand the challenges each guard faces on a daily basis and the struggles the prisoners face for survival. 

The World’s Toughest Prisons is an unprecedented insight into an unbelievable world, a world which exists within the realms of law and justice but with its own definitions of right and wrong. 

This is a story audiences will love to experience, all while being thankful that it is not their own.

Featured Prisons: 

San Pedro – La Paz, Bolivia

Dallas County Jail – Dallas, Texas

Antanimora Prison – Madagascar

Tent City – Phoenix, Arizona

Sofia Central – Sofia, Bulgaria

Miami Dade County Jail Boot Camp – Miami, Florida

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