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Wild Patagonia

Go on a journey to Patagonia – a mysterious and intangible place at the southern tip of South America. This series brings the little-known landscapes and surprising. Wildlife of this distant region to the screens.

Patagonia – a place without definable borders, stretching across Chile and Argentina, made up of strange landscapes, huge mountain ranges and vast, sweeping plains.

Here, life has developed amazing ways of surviving and flourishing – from the condors who master the wild winds to the ducklings who fling themselves into glacial melt waters shortly after hatching.

Humans also interact with their environment in interesting ways here. We meet gauchos, Patagonia’s cowboys, who depend on a strong relationship with their horses to sustain their livelihood, and the scallop divers, who swim alongside Southern Right Whales to bring up their catch.

This fascinating series reveals Patagonia as a lawless, powerful and demanding land – but shows how for some, it is a paradise where the odds are in their favour.

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