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What Next? A New Chapter

2017’s local series What Next? asked New Zealanders some big questions about the future of our country.

The answers were fascinating, so we’ve found four passionate Kiwis to dig deeper into what your answers mean – both for themselves and for the future of our country. 

Entrepreneur and What Next? Futurist Derek Handley along with 94% of What Next? viewers, believe failure is essential to success. So what does failure mean, why are people so scared of it and why is it so important?  

What Next? also asked if Kiwis would invest $100 in lab meat or farming for the future of our environment. Meat lover and restaurateur Ganesh Raj finds out what the heck lab meat is all about. 

80% of What Next? viewers said profit should not be the most important thing for businesses. Laura O’Connell Rapira, director of ActionStation, believes care, compassion and kindness needs to be at the core of every business so all Kiwis can thrive. She delves further into how New Zealand companies can incorporate compassion.  

Media personality and producer Lucy Zee is one of the 94% of What Next? viewers who thinks they can live with less stuff, so she took the challenge of swapping consumerism for sharing for a week. You’ll soon see that it was a long week!

Funded by NZ On Air.

Stream What Next: A New Chapter from Tuesday 5th March.

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