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What Next

Critically acclaimed 'What Next?' is challenging, confronting, and engaging New Zealand audiences like never before.

What Next? started a conversation revealing 90% of us want big, bold and new ideas for our future. Season two will show Kiwis how to turn this conversation into action.

We’ll meet passionate, smart New Zealanders who are turning grand plans into reality. The new season brings four new themes, derived from the most pressing issues New Zealand will face over the next 20 years. Each episode is hosted by four different media personalities.

The new season delves into our future and technology, the future environment, how we can fix inequality and finally, coping with the ageing population in New Zealand.

What Next? season two takes a fresh, optimistic, aspirational, and most of all, hopeful vision of the future. It will show how we can turn anxiety into action, and chart a course to ensure New Zealand is future-proof.

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