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Under The Influence

A celebrity scandal can be the undoing of even the shiniest Hollywood star, and behind every downfall is a mess of destructive friends, unfortunate circumstances and bad choices that enable the crash.

Welcome to Under the Influence - a series that explores the bad influences that send celebrities down the wrong path. Each one-hour episode investigates two infamous star scandals with a fresh perspective; looking at the negative influences and the contributing factors that lead to the wildest celebrity downfalls of all time.

Each episode features user-generated video of celebrities, paparazzi photos, archival footage and expert interviews that go beyond the headlines to the ill-fated events that lead to major celebrity scandals.

Celebs that are explored include River Phoenix, Heath Ledger, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Prince, Amy Winehouse and More

Unlike other celebrity scandal shows that only recount the crimes, overdoses and headlines, Under the Influence introduces viewers to the people who were there and gives insight to the choices made by the celebrities which ultimately lead to their death or destruction.

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