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Takaro Tribe

The TAKARO TRIBE is back! Start the day with these five adorable Patupaiarehe Fairies (A,E,I,O,U) and their woodland friends, singing, dancing and learning as they go, in their season 2 show.

Now in its second season, this New Zealand-made animaton for pre-school children, sees the TAKARO TRIBE continue their learning adventure in Te Wao Arapu (the magical Alphabet Forest), along with Papa Rakau (Tree father), voiced by Rawiri Paratene, and Koka (Pond Mother), voiced by Aroha Hathaway.

Learning Te Reo has never been this easy as the Tribe discover everyday objects, how to pronounce them, what they are for and how to spell them.

Whilst created for children, the show, on TVNZ 2, weekdays at 6.40am, offers anyone wishing to find an easy introduction to Te Reo, an enjoyable 13 minutes.

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