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Those Who Kill

Help solve this psychological nightmare before time runs out!

*Danish with English subtitles*

Six months on from the abduction of 17-year-old Julie from the streets of Copenhagen, detective Jan Michelsen is the only one who believes she might still be alive. In a desperate attempt to stop the case being closed, Jan digs into every possible past case file and comes across a missing girl who vanished under similar circumstances 10 years ago. After a search for her, he finds evidence and the police retrieve the girl’s body, killed and dumped in a lake.

With the help of profiler Louise Bergstein, Jan discovers that they are dealing with the very same killer from a decade ago. Another girl, Emma, disappears and with a suspected serial killer on their hands, Jan and Louise begin a race against time to find Julie and Emma. The situation escalates as more bodies from the past are discovered across the city.

The two girls are alive and must try all they can to break free from the basement, where they are kept prisoner. But all is not as it seems... as Jan and Louise unravel the mysterious deaths and begin to understand the pattern of the murderous mind behind them.

Solving this psychological nightmare is crucial to save the girls and time is running out!

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