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The Unortho_docs

Follow the careers and lives of eight New Zealanders chasing the American dream!

Over 25,000 New Zealand-born residents now call America home, but what drives talented Kiwis to make the leap? ‘The Unortho_docs’ profiles eight New Zealanders in pursuit of their American dream. 

In California we discover a restaurant empress (Anna Weinberg) who has taken over the San Francisco food scene, a pop princess (Chelsea Jade) on the verge of her maiden album release, a legendary skateboarder (Richie Jackson) who has changed the way people look at the sport and award-winning electronic producers (Truth) making music over the internet. 

On the East Coast we meet a photographer and director (Tom Gould) whose love of hip-hop culture led him to work with some of his idols, a fashion illustrator (Nadeesha Godamunne) live drawing on the subway, a film director (Sally Tran) cutting shapes in the New York scene and a world-renowned tattoo artist (Victor J Webster) making his mark on a daily basis in Brooklyn.

Each person we meet is on the cusp of personal and professional success - but what does it take to make it in a country of 325 million people, and what role has New Zealand played in giving them the edge?

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