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The Shield

A rogue cop heads a team of detectives battling against gangs and drugs on L.A.'s meanest streets.

Breaking the conventions of the cop genre, this popular and critically acclaimed series plays out in the tough, morally ambiguous world of an inner-city Los Angeles police precinct in which the line between good and evil is crossed every day. 

Michael Chiklis has won Emmy and Golden Globe awards for his portrayal of Detective Vic Mackey, leader of the elite Strike Team, an effective but corrupt cop who operates under his own set of rules.  The young precinct head, Capt. David Aceveda, doesn't like Mackey's tactics and wants him off the force, but veteran Det. Claudette Wyms understands Mackey and knows how to play both sides of the fence.  

It's a high-stakes war with rules that are made to be bent, and where the thirst for money and power can only be quenched by corruption and deceit. 

Stream season one to seven OnDemand from Thursday 1st November.

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