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The Secret Teacher

Four successful business owners from the UK – all of whom struggled at school – want to give others the helping hand they never had.

Each of the entrepreneurs will go undercover as support staff in a different state secondary school, however, unbeknownst to the students and nearly all the staff; they will have no idea just who the new member of the team is.

The entrepreneurs will have an authentic taste of what it means to take on one of the UK’s most challenging, yet rewarding professions.

From the nerves that come with stepping into a rowdy classroom for the first time to overseeing detention and working with those students who need extra support, they’ll gradually identify which of the students they want to help before revealing their identity in what could be a life-changing finale.

Help from the business mentors could come in any form, be it a bursary to continue their studies after school, assistance with setting up their own business, or even the offer of a guaranteed job in their organisation.

This warm, inspirational series looks to make a positive difference in the lives of children who may fall through the cracks in the educational system.


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