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The Secret Life Of Us

A series about love, sex, friendship, success and anything else that’s worth going after!

Gabrielle is living with a lawyer whose social conscience is crumbling fast. That’s OK- maybe money’s better.

Alex lives with a would-be author who thinks writing is “a piece of piss” – but he hasn’t written anything yet. 

Then Kelly arrives, followed by an ex-boss who refuses to leave his wife. 

The Secret Life Of Us is a one hour series which follows the lives of eight people looking for the same thing – love, sex, romance, success – and anything else that’s worth going after. Evan, Kelly, Alex, Miranda, Richie, Will, Gabrielle and Jason get to face the big questions – like how much pizza to keep in the fridge for breakfast? Or the little questions – like am I gay or not? 

It’s a show about life. As Evan says “You never know what’ll happen next…or who it will happen with. All you can do is hope it turns out OK…and that you remember most of it.”

Stream season one from Monday 1st October, OnDemand. 

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