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The Queen & Zak Grieve

This hard-hitting documentary investigates how a young indigenous Australian man was sentenced to life in prison for a murder the judge found he did not physically commit.

This hard-hitting documentary takes you to Australia’s Northern Territory to investigate the confronting case of Zak Grieve, a 19-year-old man jailed for 20 years for a murder even the judge accepts he did not commit. 

Investigative reporter Dan Box spent weeks in the Top End town of Katherine investigating the killing and the events that led to Zak Grieve being jailed, despite evidence he was not there when the crime took place. Dan and his team conducted exclusive interviews with many of the people involved, including the judge who sent Grieve to jail, and obtained rare access to crime scene footage, forensic photographs, Police interviews with suspects and trial recordings from the case. 

This programme raises questions about the criminal justice system itself. How could this apparent injustice have happened? Is it time for the mandatory sentencing laws that led to Grieve's incarceration to finally be revoked? 

Stream from Thursday 12th July.

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