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The National Remembrance Service

An opportunity for all New Zealanders to come together

The National Remembrance Service is an opportunity for all New Zealanders to come together as one to pay our respects. As Official Broadcaster, TVNZ will provide live uninterrupted coverage of the Christchurch event in full.  

We want all New Zealanders to feel part of this moment. Local councils and community groups around the country are free to screen TVNZ’s live coverage at special public gatherings and events. We’ll also share our coverage live to New Zealand media outlets and broadcasters around the world.

TVNZ’s coverage, presented by Hilary Barry and Scotty Morrison, with John Campbell in the field, will begin at 9:55am. The official service begins at 10am and TVNZ won’t carry commentary from its presenting team until the conclusion of formalities. Onscreen graphics will inform viewers of the programme, and the names of speakers and performers.  

The event will also be available to watch on TVNZ OnDemand soon after the live broadcast ends.

Coverage broadcast live Friday 29th March, 9.55am on TVNZ 1, OnDemand and 1 NEWS NOW.

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