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The Middle

The Hecks are back with an all-new eighth season of The Middle – a warm and witty comedy about raising a family, and lowering your expectations!

It’s an uphill battle being middle-class and middle-aged in Middle America, but it’s a challenge that Frankie Heck (Patricia Heaton) is more than up to. This harried wife and working mother of three uses her wry wit and sense of humour to get her family through each day intact.

Her unflappable husband Mike (Neil Flynn) is a manager at the local quarry and her sardonic partner in the daily grind that is raising their family.

Axl is the oldest, a teenage jock who somehow managed to get into college on a football scholarship. Sue, their extraordinarily ordinary an eternally optimistic teen daughter always seems to fall short at everything she trues – but she’s made it to college – and Brick, their quirky ninth grader who reads obsessively and marches to the beat of his own drummer.

Join the Hecks for all new episodes, as they attempt to keep it together – barely.

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