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The Job Interview

How does it really feel to be in touching distance of your big career break, or to narrowly miss out on your dream?

The Job Interview returns bigger and bolder, taking us back inside that most nerve wracking of places – the interview room.

When the only thing standing between you and success is you, the stakes are high and first impressions are vital. In this intimate and upbeat series, we are allowed in as an eclectic group of real job seekers from across the country interview for real roles at some of Britain’s biggest and best-known brands. Sought after jobs at the likes of Virgin Trains, Hilton Hotels and Resorts, Aston Martin, and Champneys are all up for grabs.

All companies featured in The Job Interview oversaw their own recruitment processes and drew up a shortlist of candidates to interview. In every case, the decision about who to employ was theirs and theirs alone.

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