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The Fucket List

Local comedy web-series

The Fucket List is a new comedy web-series created by Chelsea McEwan Millar, Elizabeth McMenamin and Tim Batt.

Elizabeth and Chelsea are two young(ish), horrendously socially inept women who have, for probably the first times in their lives, heeded the advice of those around them when they are respectively told that they need to find a best friend. For better or worse… they find each other. Once together however, this new “friendship” lark is very curious to our clueless heroines and after several whiskeys the girls decide that what best friends do is share things, therefore the only way to truly become ultimate best friends is to share EVERYTHING. Books… clothes… and former lovers, obviously. 

And so the game begins. The women set out to go back through each other’s little black books to seduce and totally bang every dude (or dudette) that the other has bedded in the past. This way they’ll be even Stevens! As soon as they’ve both banged Steven.

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