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The Disappearance

A family falling apart over a missing girl.

This intimate, character-driven drama traces the increasing trauma of the Morel family when their 17 year old daughter, Leah, fails to return home from a night out. The Disappearance explores every parent’s worst nightmare: their child going missing, their fate unknown.

Promising student, Leah, and her cousin, Chris, should have returned from Lyon’s Festival of Music with exciting tales of teenage adventure… but she didn’t come home. The last that was heard of her was a 3am answering machine message saying: “Daddy! It’s Leah... Daddy if you’re here please pick up!” Her father, Julien, cannot bear to wait. He embarks on a mission to find his daughter. Her mother, Florence, tries to maintain a semblance of normality, especially for her younger daughter, Zoe. Meanwhile, Leah’s elder brother, Thomas, is racked by guilt. He had promised to accompany her home that night.

Episode-by-episode, everyone’s secrets are revealed. The police investigation, led by Inspector Molina, builds a portrait of a complex young girl. Suspicion falls on Roman, who it emerges was the last person to see her on Friday night. Leah’s been missing for 36 hours now. Has she runaway, been kidnapped or murdered?

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