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The Cul De Sac

TVNZ 2’s gripping family thriller is back!

The Cul De Sac centers on a group of teenagers who, led by Rose (Greta Gregory – The Monster of Mangatiti), wake to a world where the adults have mysteriously disappeared and all technology has ceased to function.

This thrilling teen drama returns with further mysteries with an all new Season 3!

Season 3 picks up where Season 2 left off. Rose continues to unravel the mystery of what has happened to her world and strives to create a normal life for her siblings on the farm. 

After Eliza is abducted by the Reaper Army, Rose and Tom set out on a quest to rescue their sister, during which they encounter many monsters and creatures. Eventually, they join forces with an army of brave resistance fighters and hatch a plan to rescue Eliza and defeat the Reaper Army.

What further dangers and wonders await our heroes in this show made with funding from NZ On Air.

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