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The Cul De Sac

TVNZ 2’s gripping family thriller is back!

The Cul de Sac centres on a group of teenagers who, led by Rose (Greta Gregory – The Monster of Mangatiti), wake to a world where the adults have mysteriously disappeared and all technology has ceased to function.

In the second season, Rose continues to fight to keep her family safe as the world falls deeper under the influence of mysterious and sinister forces.

One year on from the day the adults vanished, Rose is no closer to solving the mystery of what has happened to the world.

Travelling across the dystopian landscape has become increasingly hazardous with the ‘wave’ delivering new threats and monsters on a daily basis.

Supplies are running low. Teens everywhere are becoming desperate but Rose suspects there is more to the growing tension than just hunger and exhaustion.

Rose suspects the influence of the shadowy entity known as The Walking Man is amplifying people’s fear and causing them to turn on each other.

Battling exhaustion, Rose pushes on, determined to get as far away from the Walking Man as possible, and find a safe haven. However little does Rose know, events are about to unfold that will alter the destiny of not only her and her siblings but also the entire world…

Made with funding from NZ On Air.

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