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The Crystal Maze

It’s the ultimate quest - testing brains, brawn and bravery!

Moving to Friday nights on 2, The Crystal Maze returns with more crazy challenges, designed to test (and torment) contestants.

In The Crystal Maze, a team of five courageous contestants, led by an eccentric Maze Master Richard Ayoade, journey through four fantastical zones to tackle a variety of epic games and win time in the iconic Crystal Dome.

From devilish puzzles within the Medieval zone to cryptic codes in the Futuristic, the maze features an array of Physical, Skill, Mystery and Mental challenges, designed to test and torment contestants. Win, and they secure a treasured crystal worth five seconds in the finale. Lose, and they face being locked in and left behind. With fate in their captain’s hands, the team’s adventure concludes at the legendary Crystal Dome, where teams collect gold tickets to secure a grand prize.

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