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The Big Ward

The popular and acclaimed The Big Ward, returns to TVNZ 2 for a compelling second season.

New Zealand is fast becoming the fattest nation in the world and there’s no ‘quick fix’ on the horizon. Since the start of filming on series 2, New Zealand’s obesity problem has only become worse. With a statistical increase in obesity levels across the board, as a Nation, we are failing in the fat stakes. 

In season two of The Big Ward we walk alongside our patients as they face their demons and their very personal challenges head-on; the day-to-day struggles, the hard realities and the sheer determination it takes for someone who is already crippled by obesity to get their life back. We’re with them as they sometimes face-down…sometimes succumb to their demons on the hard-fought road to weight-loss surgery.

From depression and anxiety to head-hunger, sleep eating, and genetic predisposition to weight gain, this new season will dig even deeper and stretch the net wider to reflect different aspects of the obesity epidemic and how it’s affecting us in different ways.

Bariatric surgeon Richard Babor's take on the issue is clear, "The state of things in New Zealand is dire. And people are getting fatter and fatter and sicker and dying."

The Big Ward season two is about overcoming the challenges faced by the patients, their families and the medical staff who care for them, while also addressing the wider issues that this spiralling epidemic has created.

The Big Ward is funded by NZ On Air.

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