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The Bachelorette New Zealand

Will you accept this rose New Zealand?

Our Bachelorettes’ epic journey comes to a close this week, as they make their toughest decisions so far. Both have two men remaining, and it’s time to meet the parents – how will the opinions of our leading ladies families influence their final choice?

Plus, precious time at the overnight dates without the cameras is on offer – will any of our couples be whisked away? 

In the final episodes there’s epic romance alongside devastating heartbreak, and twists and turns abound. Tune in to find out how this story ends.

PLUS: After Lily and Lesina’s big decisions on Monday night, our Bachelorettes join host Art Green on the couch to chat about how it all went down and how things have been since filming.

But before that, the men have their tell all moments and answer the questions to some of the biggest scandals and funniest moments of the season. Plus, Daryl the mole is back!

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