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The Bachelor

Get ready for romance, roses and, of course, drama! One lucky man is offered the chance to find the woman of his dreams - and hopefully his bride-to-be!

This reality TV heavyweight is back for its 24th season, and this time, there’ll be plenty of turbulence, with pilot Peter Weber being announced as the next Bachelor for 2020.

Having first appeared on The Bachelorette, Weber won the hearts of many and is known for his sweet and down to earth personality.

After dating some ladies individually and others on group dates, the Bachelor will introduce a few of the women to his family. He also will visit their hometowns for a slice of their lives in an effort to determine the woman with whom he is most compatible.

 At the end of the journey, filled with drama and surprises, set against the backdrop of spectacular international settings, Weber may quite possibly have found true love.

But the big question is: After all of this, will he pop the question, and will she say yes? From small town dates to big city adventures to sensual and exotic locations, don't miss a moment of The Bachelor!

The Bachelor will stream on TVNZ OnDemand from 8th January 2019, express from the U.S.

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