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The Adventures of Suzy Boon

Suzy has a lot on her mind right now.

This local web series, now in it's second season, follows the (mis)adventures of Suzy (Kura Forrester) who is trying to find where she belongs in this world – and by world, she means New Zealand. 

Suzy Boon’s definition of irony: being locked up in prison hell in Brazil for failing to provide the correct visitor’s visa when she herself used to work in immigration in New Zealand. That, and the prison is filled with iron bars. Iron-y. Well, she thinks they are made of iron anyway. Probably cheaper stuff. 

Anyway, after six years in a single cell, Suzy has been moved into the prison with the other inmates. She quickly finds prison life to be tough and filled with thugs, crazies, and perverts. While trying to make friends and stay alive, Suzy has to also dodge the dangerous — and perhaps sexual — advances of the Prison Warden all while avoiding the shanking attention of the prison’s self-proclaimed Queen Bee-tch: Carly Jackson from Perth. 

Will Suzy survive her sentence? Will Suzy ever return back to Aotearoa? Will she ever eat Marmite again?

Available to stream On Demand from Friday 30 March.

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