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The 33

An all-star cast including Golden Globe nominee Antonio Banderas, Oscar winner Juliette Binoche, Lou Diamond Phillips, Rodrigo Santoro, Golden Globe winner Gabriel Byrne and Golden Globe winner James Brolin star in this harrowing true-life drama.

The 33 recounts the incredible story of the 33 Chilean miners who were trapped for 69 days underground in a desert gold-copper mine. More than 200 stories beneath the surface and trapped beneath a behemoth boulder twice the size of the Empire State Building, the brave miners endured 100 degree temperatures and intense isolation. 

Banderas plays "Super Mario" Sepulveda, one of the miners who posted video logs assuring that the miners were surviving the ordeal as the world watched the longest underground survival story in history. Developed in cooperation with the miners, their families and their rescuers, this intense drama comes from the producers of Apocalypse Now and Crash.

Catch The 33 on TVNZ 1 Saturday 23rd February, 8.35pm

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