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Survivor New Zealand

There’s a survivor in all of us. 18 Kiwis. 40 Days. 1 Sole Survivor.

The world’s toughest game returns to TVNZ 2 with a fresh batch of Kiwi castaways ready to take battle in the ultimate test of endurance, strength and strategy – Survivor New Zealand

The 18 competitive castaways will spend up to 40 days marooned on a deserted, rugged and unforgiving island in Thailand in a bid to take home the title of Sole Survivor and the life-changing prize of $250,000.

Stripped of basic needs and comforts castaways must endure the brutal tropical climate as they compete in physically demanding challenges, while navigating their way through the ruthless social game that will push their mind, bodies and their moral compasses to breaking point.

Eliminations take place at Tribal Council, where players are not only held accountable for their actions in the game but where they must cast a silent vote to eliminate one of their own. Will alliances hold out, or will blindsides occur?

In the end, only one will walk away with the coveted title of Sole Survivor a life-changing prize of quarter of a million dollars!

With hidden Immunity Idols in play, bigger challenges, no Redemption Island to get back in the game, and more twists than ever before – the world’s toughest game, just got tougher.

Survivors ready!…

Are you?


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