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Sunday Theatre: Mistress, Mercy

Another local story takes centre stage as part of TVNZ 1’s stand-out Sunday Theatre season. Long before 50 shades, there was the story of the teen dominatrix, the umpire, and the Huka Falls...

Long before 50 Shades of anything, teenage dominatrix Renee Chignell was at the centre of a moral firestorm that introduced the words ‘discipline’, ‘bondage’ and ‘golden shower’ into every astonished suburban living room in New Zealand.

Charged with the murder of cricket umpire Peter Plumley-Walker, along with her boyfriend Neville Walker, the 18-year-old was barely out of the news for two years before she was finally acquitted – after three high court trials, a trail of secret witnesses and discredited cops.

Based on an exclusive interview with Chignell, Mistress, Mercy weaves archive footage and dramatisation into an intricate portrait of the most sensational trial New Zealand had ever seen.

Funded by NZ On Air.

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