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Stake Out

Two hapless private detectives, one 1998 Toyota Starlet, and all the time in the world to kill.

Semi-professional private eyes Tom and Chris (comedians Tom Sainsbury and Chris Parker) get a little too much one-on-one time as they work to maintain their burgeoning stake out business.

In Stake Out, the pair deal with the pain of finding the perfect parking spot, babysitting bratty teenagers, and dealing with the blurring line between personal and professional when you basically spend all day and night stuck in a car with someone.

They may not have much business nounce, and their stress coping mechanisms are nil, but they sure have a lot of fun (in between the various in-fighting and visits from kooky characters).

TVNZ has secured the back catalogue of the first two seasons, and exclusive rights to stream season three on OnDemand.

Stream seasons one and two now and season three from Friday 23nd March, OnDemand. 

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