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Spiky Gold Hunters

Spiky Gold Hunters follows six courageous, rough, tough and charismatic characters as they battle the tempestuous elements of Southern New Zealand to deliver the gastronomic equivalent of diamonds to fine diners around the globe - sea urchin!

With a colourful cast led by skipper Dwane Herbert, Raymond, Red Dog, Dion and Storm hit the high seas in search of Spiky Gold. The environment in this part of the world is not for the faint-hearted. These waters a breeding ground for great white, white pointer and seven gill sharks and territorial sea lions!

On the edge of the seaport town of Bluff is the notorious Foveaux Straight, a rugged channel prone to vicious storms, big swells and ever-changing weather conditions. Our divers must overcome freezing temperatures, inherent threat of shark attacks, and the perils of free diving.

Unlike abalone, sea urchin divers of the deep-south do not use any scuba breathing apparatus at all and work with the most basic equipment; wetsuit, mask, snorkel, weight belt and flippers. They literally put their bodies on the line every single time they jump into the water in an attempt to feed the burgeoning local and international market’s hunger for this prized delicacy.

Spiky Gold Hunters reveals one of New Zealand’s most dangerous jobs and gives a unique insight into the sub culture of sea urchin fishermen. These real cowboys of the southern oceans take us on a wild ride both on and off the water as they look to get rich in the pursuit of Spiky Gold!

Watch on DUKE, from Wednesday 13th November, 8.30pm. 

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