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Space Docos On Demand

Celebrate all things Space this week, as we unveil some of the greatest mysteries of the universe!

Celebrate all things Space, as we unveil some of the greatest mysteries of the universe; is there life for us beyond Earth? Could we live on Mars? Will alien life be one day discovered?

Life In Outer Space: The scientific community is convinced that within the next decades the human being will finally have unveiled one of the greatest mysteries of the universe, is there life beyond our planet? We can’t know yet if the discovery of life will happen in our solar system or in any other remote place in the universe, what is clear is that the present generations will bear witness of a finding that could change our whole idea of the universe.

Space Colonies: As the planet suffers from overpopulation and climate change, we explore asteroids, the moon and mars as the next possibilities for human colonisation. With stunning CGI and expert interviews. Features: The Next Milestone (life after Earth), The Moon, and Mars. 

Is Anybody Out There: After years of wondering about life outside of Earth, recent discoveries by the Kepler satellite have intrigued and inspired the world, revealing thousands of planets like ours exist where life could be possible. It is now calculated that there are around a billion stars in the Milky Way alone that could have a planet like ours, equipped with water and sunlight and therefore a potential for alien life.

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