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So I Married An Axe Murderer

A commitment-phobic poet thinks he's finally found someone he can spend his life with, if she doesn't murder him...

Mike Myers stars as Charlie Mackenzie, a San Francisco coffeehouse poet whose poems always seem to be about his failed relationships. But then he meets Harriet, who owns her own butcher shop and may be the woman of Charlie's dreams . . . or is it nightmares? 

Despite his best intentions not to find fault with his new love, he begins to suspect that Harriet may be the very killer he's been reading about in the tabloids, a woman who marries, then minces, her husbands.  

With Oscar Winner Brenda Fricker as Charlie's mother and Myers himself doubling as his unreconstructed Scottish immigrant father, Charlie's home life is as hilarious as his romantic life is scary. Anthony LaPaglia as Charlie's best friend, Amanda Plummer as Harriet's sister, Phil Hartman, Charles Grodin and Steven Wright round out an excellent cast.

Watch on DUKE, Friday 15th March, 8.30pm. 

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