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Shortland Street: Inside an Icon

Shortland Street at 25

Shortland Street has firmly secured its position as a New Zealand icon: it’s now as quintessentially kiwi as lamingtons, Pineapple Lumps and L&P. 

After 25 years on our screens, the show is a vital part of our cultural landscape and it has also captured many and varied snapshots of our social history.  

There is now a generation of New Zealanders who have not known life without ‘Shorty’.   

“On Shortland Street, if an issue is dealt with on camera and in stories, then at least it can start a conversation,” says Robyn Malcolm, one of the many past cast members interviewed for this documentary.

This documentary explores the show through the eyes of the people who love it: the cast and crew who work behind the scenes to create the nightly magic; and the academic and media experts who appreciate the show’s cultural and social significance. Shortland Street’s success lies in the fact that it reflects New Zealand back to New Zealanders and we have grown to love seeing ourselves on screen. 

Shortland Street’s longest-serving cast member, Michael Galvin says, “I think people couldn’t believe that Shortland Street could keep going and going.  But it hasn’t been cut yet … thank goodness!”

What a better way to celebrate Shortland Street’s silver anniversary than to send a love letter back to Ferndale?

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