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Step inside the world of a real-life animal drama!

Serengeti is a ground-breaking approach to natural history storytelling, allowing animals to share the unpredictable narratives, intertwining relationships and emotional moments they face – all from their own perspective.

This pioneering series follows the interconnected stories of a cast of iconic savannah animals over one year. With unique access to a pristine and unspoilt corner of the Serengeti, it captures the drama of their daily lives and the emotional moments they face.

Join the lonely lioness exiled from the pride, the passionate baboon desperately trying to win back his lost love and the cheeky, fun-loving mongoose family on the lookout for a free lunch.

Packed full of humour, heartbreak and nail-biting tension, their captivating adventures will keep you hooked. Using ground-breaking filming techniques to put you right at the heart of the action, Serengeti brings this incredible world of real-life animal drama to the screen in intimate and breath-taking detail.

Watch Serengeti on TVNZ 1, from Tuesday 12th November, 7.30pm. 

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