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Secrets Of The Royal Babies

This spring Windsor Castle will have a new royal resident. Born to the most modern royal couple. This special explores what Meghan can learn from the royal mothers that came before her.

How will Meghan cope with the intense level of press scrutiny? Back in the Queen’s day no one would have dared to refer to her majesty being pregnant. When Diana was snapped in a bikini during her pregnancy, the Queen was furious. But watching blooming royals was just too fascinating so the press took notice.  

One thing Meghan will be pleased to avoid is the tradition of having an official observer present for every royal birth – started after a scandal 600 years ago and finally put to an end by George VI. If the birth gets too much, Meghan could seek the help pioneered by Queen Victoria - one of the first women to use pain relief in childbirth, blazing a trail for other women to follow. 

Kate set the bar high when she emerged from the Lindo Wing hours after giving birth looking flawless. Will Meghan head to the Lindo Wing and feel the pressure to look as good as Kate? 

Secrets Of The Royal Babies also explores royal christening traditions and if, given the wedding guest list, whether this could be the most star-studded list of godparents in royal history? 

When Harry and Meghan retire to Frogmore Cottage will they rely on a royal nanny? Diana had a tricky relationship with her nannies – how will Meghan fare? We visit the nanny school in Bath which is the go-to place for royal childcare. We find out what a royal childhood is like under the glare of the media spotlight, visiting Glamis Castle in Scotland, where Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret would escape the media and stuffiness of the royal court.

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