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Robbie Coltrane's Critical Evidence

When there’s a murder with no suspect, no leads and perhaps not even a body, that’s when investigators face their toughest test.

In this captivating series, Robbie Coltrane - son a of a Police Surgeon and legendary star of Cracker - presents a collection of extraordinary criminal cases that were so meticulously planned and executed that the perps would have got away with them if it hadn't been for one piece of critical evidence.

In each episode, Robbie narrates the story of single dark, notorious crime that was initially unsolvable.

These highly complex cases were littered with false leads, contaminated evidence, and unreliable testimony. But, as Robbie reveals by taking us through the intricate process of each investigation, a single example of genius detection eventually led to one piece of evidence that link everything together.

Critical Evidence is returning to OnDemand with its second season.

Stream season two from Monday 10th September.

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