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The brand-new factual series follows Alex Gilbert’s quest to reunite fellow orphans with their birth families.

In 1992, Alex Gilbert was adopted aged just 2 years old from a Russian Orphanage to a new life growing up in Whangarei.  A few years ago, in his early 20’s Alex tracked down his birth family in Russia and set off on a journey to meet them.  

The video Alex made of his encounter with his birth mother and father went viral with over 2 million views in just 24 hours. It was an emotional meeting, his father didn’t even know of Alex’s existence until the son he never knew he had knocked on his door. 

Alex is one of the world’s leading experts in his field and has helped countless fellow orphans reunite with their missing families across the globe.

Reunited travels the globe as Alex journeys from New Zealand to the USA and Russia to track down the long-lost families of fellow adoptees.  Each episode focuses on a new ‘orphan’ in their adopted home town as Alex’s quest to track down their roots begins.   

The series is gripping, emotional, sometimes shocking and tragic, but most of all it’s rewarding.

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