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Restaurant SOS

Alex Polizzi and food critic Oliver Peyton take on a new culinary challenge!

The duo aim to restore the fortunes of struggling restaurants facing closure in Restaurant SOS.

Alex has long been known for her critical eye, attention to detail and her ability to help businesses get back on their feet. Leading food critic and author, Oliver, has been around restaurants all his working life. 

Combining their many years of experience in the hospitality trade, they take charge of the restaurants and owners whose dreams in the restaurant business have become a nightmare.  

From staffing to menus, decor to hygiene, Alex draws on her experience to offer advice and guidance, all served up with a large helping of her famously efficient, no-nonsense attitude. With Oliver to marshal the kitchens and critique the food, there's hope that these failing establishments can be brought back to life and turned into profitable ventures once again.

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