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Release the Hounds

Welcome to Release the Hounds, the scariest game show ever to be seen on TV, hosted by a familiar DUKE face - Reggie Yates.

Legend has it there is a country estate hidden deep in the English hills that's haunted by centuries of evil. It’s rumoured that the Lord of the manor leaves money locked in chests to tempt the brave, the greedy and the foolish…but then again, it’s just a story…isn’t it?

Follow three unsuspecting players as they enter a forest at dusk, in a quest to unlock three chests full of cash.

The not-so-fearless friends responded to an advert for the chance to win, but little do they know, in order to win big, they have to face the scariest challenges ever endured on TV.

To find the keys, these mates must enter a field of crucified scarecrows, descend beneath the floorboards in a deserted cabin, and read bedtime stories in the nursery from hell.

But the ultimate challenge for them all is to out-run a pack of hounds, trained to guard the cash. If they manage to escape, the money belongs to them. If they don't, they'll never see that cash again.

This is the ultimate fright night ordeal.

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