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Rebecka Martinsson: Arctic Murders

High-flying lawyer Rebecka Martinsson leaves Stockholm for her hometown in icy Kiruna when her childhood friend dies...

Set in the remote and spectacular landscape of northern Sweden, the series revolves around lawyer Rebecka Martinsson, who despite a great career with a law firm in Stockholm has not really found peace with herself.

When a close childhood friend suddenly passes away Rebecka reluctantly returns to Kiruna, the place where she grew up. On investigation Martinsson soon discovers that her friend was actually murdered and she refuses to leave until she has uncovered the truth.

Rebecka is pulled into a thrilling hunt for the murderer who may just kill again. As she homes in on the truth, Rebecka is forced to confront a traumatic past event which still haunts her and caused her to abandon the very place she lived as a child.

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