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Ready For Take Off

Ready For Take-Off goes where no TV show has gone before – behind the restricted lines of the airport terminal and onto the tarmac and into the operations centre to find out what it takes to keep 160,000 passengers a day moving.  

Qantas transports over 50 million people a year from locations as diverse as Kununurra in the Australian Outback to London’s Heathrow, with a workforce of 30,000 people ensuring passengers have a smooth trip.

It’s a big day at Qantas as they hold a spectacular PR launch for the Wallabies who are flying off to the World Cup. However they face troubles at check in with huge amounts of luggage, the boys finally get onboard only to find their star player is missing.   

At Perth airport a customer becomes frustrated when he is unable to board a flight due to a medical condition which contravenes safety.  And we meet Bill Waterton has been a Captain at Qantas for 30 years. Returning to work after six months off, today he must pass a test in the Sim before he can fly.

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