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Rachel Hunter's Tour Of Beauty

Our girl Rachel is back, continuing her search for the secrets to lasting beauty, and a complete sense of well-being.

This time Rachel’s global search continues through the Americas.

From the ancient Inca citadel of Machu Picchu in Peru to the body-conscious beaches of Miami; from a Rastafari village in the heart of Jamaica to the fashion capital of New York City, it’s a continent with landscapes as varied and diverse as the people and cultures that inhabit it.  

So what secrets for great health and beauty will Rachel uncover?

Will answers be found in the gifts that nature has bestowed here – the power foods of Peru, the kukui nut from Hawaii, rosehip from Argentina, glacial mud from Alaska’s copper river – or in the simplicity of a completely raw and vegan diet?

Or is the solution to a healthier and more beautiful life to be found in advancements of modern medicine and technology, such as plastic surgery, medical age management, hi-tech gadgets for beauty and health, and apps for fitness?

With her natural charm and warm humour, Rachel embarks on a new journey of discovery, meeting remarkable individuals with fascinating ideas, ideals, and astonishing solutions.

This series depicts an ever-changing worldwide movement towards a healthier more natural lifestyle, and showcases how attitudes to beauty are evolving in different communities.

In the first episode, Rachel heads to New York where her career started 30 years ago and uncovers what it takes to make it in modelling in the Big Apple now.

Rachel Hunter's Tour of Beauty is funded by NZ On Air. 

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