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Project Blue Book

This captivating drama is back for a brand-new season!

Set against the backdrop of the Cold War and rising Atomic Era, Project Blue Book is inspired by the real-life U.S. Air Force’s investigation of UFOs. 

Aidan Gillen stars as Dr. J. Allen Hynek, a brilliant astrophysicist, who is recruited to the top-secret program alongside Captain Michael Quinn, played by Michael Malarkey. In Dr. Hynek’s quest to discover the truth behind a string of mysterious sightings, he comes to realise that he is at the center of a vast cover-up —one that will put him and those closest to him in peril. 

Season two will find Hynek and Quinnon on a dangerous quest for the truth, and will delve deeper into themes of global conspiracy, touch on how UFOs have impacted the evolution of our nation’s military practices and technology, and lean into the nostalgia of the 1950s.

Soon, cover-ups from the past (including at Roswell) collide with new UFO cases in the present (including at Area 51), forcing our duo to not only question the multi-faceted layers to a broadening global conspiracy, but the very nature and origin of UFOs in an increasingly unstable world at the peak of the Cold War.

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