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Professor Green

Follow UK rapper Professor Green, aka Stephen Manderson, as he takes an intensely personal journey to uncover the truth behind the suicide of his father – and look at why suicide is the biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK.

The three documentaries are as follows:

Professor Green: Dangerous Dogs
In Dangerous Dogs, Professor Green uncovers why both hospital admissions from dog attacks and the number of dangerous dogs seized by police are escalating rapidly. From the illegal Pitbull owner fighting in court to the underworld dog dealer selling puppies to pay the rent – this is a story of poverty, social class and a fierce debate about blame.

Professor Green: Suicide and Me

UK rapper Professor Green, aka Stephen Manderson, takes an intensely personal journey to uncover the truth behind the suicide of his father seven years ago.  His platinum hit 'Read All About It' and songs such as 'Goodnight' have given fans a glimpse into this tragic story. But now for the first time Stephen discovers what really happened to his Dad.  Opening up to close family for the first time about his estrangement from his father, re-connecting with old relatives, meeting others affected by suicide and laying bare his own demons, Stephen faces tough answers. 

Through this personal journey, Stephen explores the wider scourge of male suicide in the UK. As the biggest single killer of men under 45, latest figures show suicide accounts for nearly 5000 male deaths a year in the UK.  By understanding the complex factors behind it, the stigma around it and some of the ways it is being tackled, Stephen highlights the urgency of addressing this most pressing of problems.

Professor Green: Hidden & Homeless 

In Hidden & Homeless, Professor Green sets out to reveal the modern face of homelessness, challenging our perceptions of who the homeless are and the reality of their lives. Taking a shocking look at how young people failed by the system live, Professor Green meets those trapped in the same cycle of rough sleeping, temporary hostel life, and sofa surfing. This is a generation of totally people without access to normal society, or even their futures.

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