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Time is running out. Asteroid strikes, disease epidemics and catastrophic climate change are fast-approaching threats to our beautiful blue home. Stephen Hawking believes we have just 100 years to colonise Earth 2.0. We’ve always looked to the night sky in wonder. And now, from Nasa to the European Space Agency, the brightest minds in the solar system are finding ways to reach beyond our reality. This series turns impossible fiction into scientific fact. Our future is written in the stars. Stream on OnDemand from 19 January.


It’s taken 100 years to progress from the first manned air flight to the imminent prospect of space tourism. How did such extraordinary technological advances come about? And is private space travel vital for the future of our species? Professor Brian Cox explores the past, present and future of space flight. He meets key players from Nasa and leading private space companies Virgin Galactic and SpaceX; takes the controls in a Galactic flight simulator; and visits the world’s first commercial space port in New Mexico. Cox witnesses spaceship test flights in the Mojave Desert and asks the question – what it is that keeps mankind reaching for the moon? Stream on OnDemand from 19 January.


Mary Portas investigates the phenomenon of one of the world’s most popular toys – Barbie – as she finds out more about the little doll whose impact has reached every corner the world.
Barbie, along with her stylish friends and boyfriend Ken, has shown off a plethora of fashions since her debut in 1959, and inspired youngsters in over 180 jobs: from police officer to pilot to United States Presidential candidate. Some say her array of careers has subtly introduced young minds to the hopes of the feminist movement, while critics claim the dolls perpetuate unrealistic standards upon impressionable young women. Mary hopes to find out just how Barbie fits into the 21st century’s expectations of womanhood. With privileged access to Mattel Inc, the programme sees Mary head to the US, making a pilgrimage to the place where founder Ruth Handler started it all. Mary meets experts, collectors and fans young and old to find out what has made the iconic toy become the worldwide multi-billion dollar business we know today. But, with a growing mix of amusements vying for children’s imaginations, what does the future hold for the 30cm poseable plastic doll? Stream on OnDemand from 19 January.


We have a cultural fear of robots, but Eccentric Canadian Robot inventor and Puppeteer David McGoran is on a mission to fix this, by making a new kind of machine that moves like we do. A loveable robot that even people on the street will open up to.

Adopting the same techniques as Disney and Pixar, David designs a robot using the power of movement, to trick us into believing it has life. Over the course of the film, he tries to create a machine that anyone would believe and trust and even let into their lives. But the real test comes when he abandons his new robot on the streets of Bristol. Programmed with a simple quest – to find out more about humans – his robot film’s its own extraordinary adventure, as it tries to connect with humans in a whole new way. Can David’s little robot convince people it’s real and will they be brave enough to open up and tell it something about themselves? Narrated by David Tennant, this warm-hearted ob-doc gives a fascinating insight into a future of robotics we’ve never seen before. Stream on OnDemand from Friday 19 Januray.

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