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Posh Pawn

Return to the weird and wonderful world of high-end pawn broking with Posh Pawn.

If you can wear it, ride it, sail it or play it, James Constantinou, the king of British luxurious pawn broking and his team at Prestige Pawnbrokers, has it covered. Whether it's fast cars, fine wine, designer goods, or yachts, it's a crazy world where anything goes and even the most unimaginable has a price tag on it.

Posh Pawn goes behind the scenes at Prestige and discovers that behind every precious item, there is a story to tell. But just how valuable are these valuables? That remains the big question for James and his quirky team who, with new members Alicja, Michael and Joy, are on hand to sort the fakes from the fortune making.

For some it's life-changing news as their precious items are worth jaw-dropping sums. But for others, with high expectations comes big disappointment.

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