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?In this three-part special for TVNZ 1, Te Karere presenter and author, Scotty Morrison goes on a deeply personal journey to find out who the first people in Aotearoa were, where they came from and how they got here.

In a search for truth that will take him around the world, Scotty will unpick fact from fiction on a mission to uncover who he is and his true origins. As well as traversing Aotearoa, Scotty’s investigation leads him to French Polynesia, Samoa, Vanuatu, Taiwan and even back to Africa, as he digs further and further into the past to discover the journeys of his t?puna (ancestors).

Using Morrison’s own linguistic expertise, the latest in DNA technology, archaeological evidence and oral tradition, this extraordinary television event will challenge existing ideas and question beliefs dear to M?ori and non-M?ori alike. 

Some of what Morrison discovers will shake the foundations of who he is, forcing him to question the core of his beliefs, and leave him wondering if much of what he has learnt - and indeed taught other people - is wrong.

Funded by NZ On Air.

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