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President Trump: This documentary paints a revealing portrait of America’s 45th president - from his childhood, to his tumultuous career in the public eye. Witness the key moments that shaped Donald Trump, and find out why he sought out one of the most difficult jobs imaginable.

Trump’s Road To The White House:  Learn the inside story of how, despite historically high unfavourability ratings, Trump successfully rallied millions of supporters and defeated adversaries to gain his seat at the Oval Office.  

Ivanka Trump: America’s Real First Lady?: Melania Trump may be America’s First Lady, but Ivanka Trump is the one who makes headlines. She’s the Trump card that many believe helped her father get elected. So just how much political influence does she wield? 

Divided States of America: This documentary digs into the causes of America’s intense polarisation during the Obama presidency, and questions how the Donald Trump and Congress can govern in an era of complex challenges.

Gunned Down: The Power of the NRA: With first-hand accounts of school killings in Newtown and Columbine, Gunned Down examines why despite the national trauma over gun violence, politicians haven’t acted.

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