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My Dad's On Death Row

What about the ones left behind?

This gripping crime documentary was made with unrestricted access to a Texan prison, and some of it’s most notorious inmates. Two case studies, both of horrific murders are outlined in detail with chilling interviews with the killers, along with heart-breaking and emotional interviews with the daughters they left behind.


John Battaglia was due to be picked-up by the police of the morning of 2nd May, 2001- he had violated his parole again. He was granted one last visit with his daughters, Faith aged 9 and Liberty, aged 6. When the girl's mother talked to them on the phone, they were frightened. She heard them say, 'No daddy, don't'. The next thing she heard was a gun shot; and her own screams down the phone… 'Run girls, run!’ 


On 13th November 1997 in Channelview, Houston, Texas, Coy Wesbrook was invited to a party at his ex-wife's house - Gloria Jean Coons. He thought he was going to get back together with her. According to Wesbrook, he decided to leave the party after Gloria took another man to her bedroom. The people at the party wouldn't let him leave, they took the key to his truck. Wesbrook took out his hunting rifle and killed everyone at the party. When the police arrived they found Wesbrook standing outside, he had killed 5 people.

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