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My Big Fat Summer

This resort is no weight loss spa.

Eight plus size Brits, some well over thirty stone, are travelling to the worlds only plus size friendly hotel, The Resort in the Bahamas. 

For years they've been ashamed of their bodies but at The Resort, the sun loungers are supersized, the beds are reinforced with steel and the guests can strip off without humiliation. 

Ready to welcome them are a crack team of staff all experienced in dealing with the physical and emotional challenges of accommodating the plus sized guests.  

Baring their souls and bodies across the week, the gang confront their deep-rooted body issues and go home ready to change their lives for the better. 

In this special, you will see tears, tantrums and moments of euphoria as our six plus sized holidaymakers confess their holiday nightmares, confront their greatest worries and then battle to overcome them.

Watch on TVNZ 2 Monday 24th September, 8.30pm

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