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Motorway Patrol

Get ready and buckle in for the ride as we join the New Zealand Police Motorway Patrol officers deal with the crashed, the trashed, the confused, amused and boozed – and everything else in between.

In Motorway Patrol, we answer pressing questions such as: “is there ever a good time to tell an officer you’re going to punch them in the face?”; “is it ever a good idea to drive 100km toward a bridge, carrying a load that’s too big to fit underneath?”; and finally: “what happens when you go for a stroll along the live lanes of the motorway?”.

Auckland’s motorway network: Over a million vehicles per day driving 900 kilometres of lanes. Keeping the masses moving and safe are the Motorway Patrol.

Hit the tarmac for another season with the familiar faces of the motorway police who’ve seen every kind of crazy, and the new motorway officers who are just discovering what drivers are capable of. This series there’s no shortage of drunk, distracted, careless, and clueless people getting themselves into situations that are stranger than fiction and dangerous, too.

The ATOC motorway cameras are watching and recording the shocking moments of impact and mindless manoeuvres. They give a referee’s view of the accidents, sorting out the drivers who conveniently forget or stretch the truth.

There’s carnage when a drunk driver goes sideways across the Harbour Bridge and rubber-neckers get in on the accident action.  Two shining examples show why the Waterview tunnel is not the place to bang a U-turn, or to park your car.  A pursuit of runaway bikers leads to a take-down tackle in the suburbs.  Dodgy modifications on a car are slowly poisoning the driver with carbon monoxide.  We have the truckie who shuts down the North Western when he turns his ride into mangled metal.

Ride along again as the Motorway Patrol tackle motorway mayhem.

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