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Hollywood star Richard Gere shines on the small screen in this new BBC series as a ruthless self-made media mogul.

Max (Richard Gere) owns one of the world’s most influential media empires. Information is his trade. He holds dark secrets on everyone and uses his power ruthlessly. 

Max’s son Caden (Billy Howle) is editor of Max’s mouthpiece, The National newspaper. But Caden is crumbling under the pressure of his father’s expectation, numbing his pain with drug-fuelled partying.

When Caden’s excess causes a massive stroke, he’s left like a helpless child. For Kathryn (Helen McCrory) – Max’s estranged wife – this is a chance to reconnect with the sensitive boy Max ripped away from her. 

As Max and Kathryn fight for the soul of their son, another fight is about to begin, a fight for the heart of the nation. Because Caden knows secrets that could bring Max’s empire crashing down. And his silence can’t be bought.

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